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Yellow Dash Line: GL Digital Facebook Ads Review

Yellow Dash Line: GL Digital Facebook Ads Review

Hi guys, it's Lewis from GL digital and I'm here today with another Facebook ads review video. It's Yellow Dash Line.

The Facebook Page

The Facebook Page

Let's take a look at the Facebook page.

So immediately this is conveying a lot of information about the brand to me. This is a strong brand.

The Facebook Ads

The Facebook Ads

Let's have a look at your Facebook ads.

We've got two ads running. These both look like sponsored posts.

That's either a boosted post, or, you've just used the existing posts as a creative.

Call to action is "Send a WhatsApp message". That's a little bit weird.

And we've got a video. It's a slideshow video. These look like Photoshop.

The video ad

Okay. Straight away with this. I've got to tell you no, one's interested in the logo.

They can see it in the profile picture. So why is the first, nearly three seconds of the video, just your logo?

The designs are kind of flashing by too quickly. The mix of models in this video is a little bit weird. I'm kind of confused as to what your target demographic is.

With a video, I'd usually just say go for ... no one's going to watch this the whole way through. Right?

The first three seconds are so precious and you burn it by showing them your logo.

I'd say you lead with the model videos you've got, which are really good, and make five or six different variations of this creative which you can compete against each other and see which ones are going to win.

The Ad Copy

The Ad Copy 

Shop now, call to action. That's good.

I've got to be honest, your copy's a little bit lacking.

Can we get more about how, or why you started? You've got a brand story. Why did you start doing Yellow Dash Line? Appeal to the authenticity because you're not massive company. You use that to your advantage, right?

You must have some kind of story put in the ad because that's what people identify with. That's why people want to invest in your brand. They can buy a t-shirt from anywhere, but why are they going to buy a t-shirt from you? Because they identify with the same values that you do.

So we'll put that in the copy and communicate that across. And you can have a really strong ad. As it is. I don't think that this ad, I can't imagine this ad selling you a lot of t-shirts. I feel like you've not got a great idea in your head of who your target audience is, who your perfect consumer is, who are the customers you want to attract.

You need to build a persona, at least not on paper. You don't have to write it down, but you need to have an idea, and then have that person in mind when you're crafting the copy or when you're crafting the ad.

The Landing Page

The Landing Page

Okay. Let's take a look at the landing page. Here are the photoshops again: it's place it. You're using placeit.net

Yeah. I recognise these pictures, placeit.net is good.

I like the bold colors. I like the, the capital letters, this kind of brutalist font face white on black stuff is really in right now.

But coming back to that issue where you've got different images. You've not really got the right persona in mind, right. Is it for kids? Is it for young adults? Is it for middle-aged people? What's the, is it for women and for men. You can't just have everybody, right?

You're not Primark. You've got to target these a little bit better.

You're not primark!

So the Neil Young T-shirt is your best selling T-shirt. Cool.

You've got plenty of designs, which is great. And they all feel consistent, which is also great.

About the kids clothing. Okay. I'd say, unless you're actually selling these, take the kids off.

Really with this, you've got to go niche niche niche, make it as hyper-focused as you can, like having the kids stuff on there just confuses them.


Okay, let's take you back and let's just review everything about Yellow Dash Line.

First of all, I think you've got a strong brand. I like it. I like the products and I like the designs.

And I feel like in terms of the design department, you've got quite a cohesive feel going on, which is good. So I like all that.

What don't I like? First of all, the video you've got, why would you have such a great brand and these great products and not show them.

Why would you not show them in the first few seconds? The people are sitting there scrolling Facebook and scrolling Instagram or whatever. And if they don't see that product in the first few seconds, they're just gonna scroll past.

Ditch the logo. .

With POD brands, I often find that they don't have enough products. But that's not a problem for you. Cause you've got a lot of designs.

Usually what happens with a POD brand is you'll get maybe a hundred products and you'll only sell a lot of one of those products, right? So you'll find one winning product and that's going to make up 99% of your sales.

Now, this Neil young, t-shirt's your best seller, according to the sort by. But have you found the winner yet? I don't know. Cause I'm not seeing your sales.

Everything else about your website is fine.

So those are my top three suggestions for this. This brand has a lot of potential, and I'm sure with a little bit of work, you can be making a lot of sales.

POD is a great business model and you've got all the ingredients here to have a really successful brand.

Thanks so much.

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