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3 Things that a Marketing Agency Will Never Tell you

3 Things that a Marketing Agency Will Never Tell you

Three things that a marketing agency will never tell you.

Number one, your product is sh*t.

If you're good at online advertising, you can do a lot - but nobody, nobody can polish a turd

But it's in an agency's interests lead you down the garden path, trying to sell chocolate tea pots, and they will not tell you.

They'll take your retainer money, and they'll just let you find out for yourself that those glass hammers and tartan paints were never such a great idea.

Number two, your website and offer are wrong.

Okay. You've got a website but if the images, the copy,  the design, they're all wrong, you'll never sell anything.

But an agency would rather take your money and run ads than tell you to simplify.

Remember, know your customer and make the purchase experience painless and easy.

Number three, the only person who can add value to your business is you.

You don't always need to bring in outside people to get a good thing going, learn it yourself first, make some sales, get good at it, and then hire somebody once you know what you're doing.

You might go through four or five different marketing agencies until you find the right one, but at the end of the day, it's your business and it's your responsibility.

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