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Memories and Metal: Pimp My Ads! GL Digital Website Review

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Gary Lewis Cheetham

Automotive marketing specialist from Manchester, UK

Memories and Metal: Pimp My Ads! GL Digital Website Review

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Hey guys, it's GL Digital here today with another e-commerce website and Facebook review video.

Today it's Memories and Metal. They are a customised jewellery business based in Portsmouth. We're going to review their Shopify store and online presence.

The Facebook Page

The Facebook Page
So let's jump right into the Facebook page. You only get one chance to make a good first impression.

All That Glitters

The page bio says "From our hands to yours, personalised jewellery made to celebrate the most remarkable moments our life."

The theme's really consistent. You're posting on a regular basis.

The Instagram Page

The Instagram Page
Let's move on to the Instagram. These images are super high quality.

To Rip or Not To Rip?

You've not just gone on Alibaba, or your supplier's website, and have ripped whatever they've got on there. You've actually taken the time to show your products in use.

I feel like these creatives are speaking to your audience. Definitely just looking at them already.

The Website

The website
So let's move on to the website

Straight away, it loaded fast. Big tick.

Turn on, Plugin, Drop out

There's not a lot of weird plugins jumping up as soon as I log in.

Sometimes people throw plugins into the Shopify stores, pop ups and live chats and offers and roulette wheels and all this crazy stuff.

It's like when you go to your auntie's house. And she's got that big dog that jumps up at you and slobbers on you and is really excited to see you. Plugins don't always make a good user experience.

Keep it simple, cupid

And you've gone and kept things really, really simple. I don't know if that was a deliberate decision, but if you needed someone to tell you that you're doing it right: You're doing it right.

You need to be building an email list
### I sent an email to the postman

But, one thing I would like to see on here is a pop-up for email subscriptions. You want to be building your email list.

Now I know what you think and you thinking, oh God, another channel I need to focus on. Something else I need to put my attention to.

So nowadays, especially since the iOS updates with Facebook, having your own personal audience built through an email list is more valuable than ever.

You need "first party data".

You definitely need to be collecting your customer's email addresses.

The Product Page

The product page
Okay. Let's take a look at the product page.

So I'm guessing this is your best seller. That's going off the reviews. So we'll look at this.

What's in a name?

Okay. To me, "Personalised Bracelet is not a compelling title for a product. Personalised bracelet feels way too generic.

Use this real estate and choose a name for the product which gets across what the product is, because it's not just a personalised bracelet. Be more specific than that.

The Co-Ordinates Picker User Experience

53.4808° N, 2.2426° W Marks the Spot

In regards to the actual user experience here for the coordinates, it seems to work well. It's fluent. And it's going to give you Manchester.

So, yeah, I can buy one with my home coordinates on it, just in case I got lost and someone needs to return me.

Love Optionally

The Product Page Options

So we've got two options there. We've got engrave coordinates in the coordinate bracelet, or engrave text.

To me, I would suggest having two separate products. And I'll explain why: they're buying a co-ordinates bracelet.

They're not just buying any old bracelet that happens to have coordinates engraved on it. The buying a memory.

Restricting choice is better than giving too much choice.

I also would like a little bit more information on here about sizing. I know it says all our parts are unisex and perfect for her, but anything like there straightaway.

The first question mark in people's heads is going to be size and as a brand.

You want to answer those questions before people even think of them!

Ticket to Write

The Product Page Copy

Your product page copy is good.. You just need to make it longer. Just give me more. It reads really well.

To be honest, you can just waffle. You know the products and the brand better than anybody because you made it.

So just go, drink a lot of coffee, spend half an hour and just grind out some copy on your keyboard. And you're going to instantly write stuff that's got a lot of value.

And a note on copy, prioritise short sentences, make it punchy, doosh, doosh, doosh, check out Amazon product pages. They do it really, really well.

And you might want to embed a few more images down here as well.

With Love from FAQ

Adding an FAQ Section

Also tack on an FAQ section down there, and answer every possible question.

Even things that you think no one would ever even ask, you know, what's its melting point? Can I bake it in a cake? Will it fit around my ankle? What happens if I throw it into Mount doom in Mordor, will it explode?

FAQ sections are brilliant conversion driver and it's good for your SEO as well.

Please Upsell Me

The other products onsite

Okay. Let's take a look at your other products on your site.

In regards to the price: I've not done any research on this particular product. I'm not doing any market research, but the price to me feels reasonable.

I would like to add though, £16.99 as an average order value...

I would not consider that to be a profitable proposition for winning Facebook ads.

I usually want to see a £30 average order value, and I can't imagine people are gonna buy two of these if they're buying it as a gift.

They might want to buy a necklace at 30% off if they're buying a bracelet, or they might want to buy a ring at 30% off if they're buying a bracelet

Just tack on an up sell.

Summary and Conclusion

Let's circle back

Okay. Let's circle back and review everything that we talked about in regards to Memories and Metal.

Creatives are King

First of all, the strongest thing about this brand is your creatives.

Your website is also probably within the 99% percentile of Shopify sites that I look at.

It is nearly perfect in terms of the user experience, the design and just how well put together it is, again, It gets a chef's kiss from me.

Cult of Personality

The only thing I could add, if you are a member of my coaching group is just to put a little bit more of yourself into the brand. I want to know who I'm buying from.

You can just let people know, Hey, they're buying from Jamie at Memories and Metal, rather than just Memories and Metal.

Just little touches, like this is my best seller. Instead of this is our best seller. It all adds up to make the brand really personable.

It's memories and metal. Yeah, but it's also Jamie.

Step into Christmas

And if you're gonna start doing Facebook ads, which I totally recommend you should in the run up to Christmas, I can see you've got the pixel installed on your site already, so you've clearly done some advertising in the past...

Hey, roll the dice. £30 a day on a Facebook ad. You've got the creatives already. I'd be confident in pushing this for Christmas. It's the perfect Christmas gift.


Let's circle back

All right, guys. Thank you very much. And I'll catch you the next one. Cheers.

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Gary Lewis Cheetham is an automotive marketing specialist, born and raised in Oldham, Greater Manchester. He spent his teenage years working at the family dealership after school, learning the ropes of the car trade from the inside out.

After moving on to working in marketing, Gary Lewis founded GL Digital in 2020 when he noticed a need for direct-to-consumer marketing platforms within the auto industry. He now strives every day to help independent dealers in the UK and US realise their potential. Gary also loves Formula 1 and motorsport.

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