Without doubt Umbraco is the best content management system out there today. It's free, open source, has an amazing supportive community, and makes organising and managing content a piece of cake. So, when we sat down to make Curriculum Garden, a content-heavy online learning environment, it was the obvious choice.

"Umbraco... was the obvious choice"

So why throw React into the mix? It was vital to the project that we build a dynamic, lightning quick user experience, which feels as much like a native app as possible. Users expect nothing less these days, and React has yet to let us down on that front.

We had our two perfect technologies, but marrying them had never been attempted by our team before. The key challenges were building a site which takes advantage of Umbraco's content editing capabilities as much as possible, while maintaining the snappy experience that users love and remaining accessible to search engines.

"We have our two perfect technologies, but marrying them has never been attempted..."

But the engineering challenges were overcome, and the results are something that we're all proud of. Curriculum Garden already has thousands of learning resources and our conversion rate is increasing every day.

In order to give back to the community, we've released an Umbraco + React example site as open source, with the code available to all on Github under a permissive license.

"We've released an Umbraco + React example site as open source"

The code for developers to download can be found here- we hope this will help you kick-start your own exciting Umbraco + React projects.

Click here to download:       https://github.com/systempioneer/ReactUmbracoExample