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Our Solutions for Car and Motorcycle Dealerships

Buy your second hand stock directly from local car owners


Bring car sellers through your showroom door before they look for alternatives. Get cars driven to your doorstep.

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Direct to consumer sales with a data-driven strategy


Spend your advertising budget locally instead of burning it nationally. Specifically target interested car buyers in your local area.

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Become a local household name with video content


Build your relationships with customers before they set foot in your showroom. Turn your salespeople into local celebrities.

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The automotive industry has a unique problem. The traditional model of buying vehicles from auction, and listing them for sale on Autotrader, no longer works.

Many dealers are feeling pressure from companies like Cinch and Cazoo. These companies have an advantage because they are able to offer lower prices due to their size, and the deals they have with banks.

This means that dealerships need to find new ways to bring in customers. One way is to focus on direct-to-consumer marketing.


Auto dealerships can increase profits by using GL Digital's direct-to-consumer model, which targets local buyers with paid social media advertising. This allows dealers to sell vehicles without paying expensive online advertising platforms like Autotrader or eBay.

We allow dealerships market their stock directly to consumers, and to buy stock directly from the public.

We also have a large pool of pre-qualified leads, all of whom are interested in selling their vehicle.

Who this is for

Any car, motorcycle, van, or motorhome dealership will see tremendous benefit from GL Digital.

This solution will enable your growth in four ways:

  • Market your vehicles direct to consumer and watch as your phones ring off the hook
  • Get a steady stream of pre-qualified leads with customers ready to sell their car
  • Beef up your social media presence with authentic and engaging content
  • Become a household name in your local area

The direct-to-consumer model explained

WeBuyAnyCar, Motorway, Cinch, Cazoo, all by now household names. Their secret to success is a straightforward business model known as direct-to-consumer.

These businesses have multi-million pound valuations. It's because they own every part of their customer journey.

They generate leads from customers who want to sell their car. When they've bought the cars, they can retail them on their own platforms.

Simply put, they are judge, jury and executioner. These platforms don't need to list stock for sale on eBay or Autotrader, and cross their fingers hoping it sells.

What GL Digital gives to local dealers

We have perfected a direct-to-consumer model, which lets local dealers finally take back control of their customer journey.

Here's the first thing you need to know: Over 50% of sales happen to customers located within 15 miles of the dealership.

So why pay Autotrader thousands of pounds every month to promote vehicles across the country?

We use paid social media advertising to put your stock in front of interested buyers locally. They will call you or email you directly.

The second thing: Buying vehicles directly from customers, rather than from an auction, can add thousands to your bottom line across every vehicle.

This is because there is no middleman. You get "first dibs" on vehicles. You can even give them the opportunity to part exchange.

The Process

We offer a competitive edge to local dealers in the age of the car supermarket.

  1. We conduct a full review of your automotive marketing and advertising strategies.
  2. We help you to target local buyers using paid social media advertising.
  3. We put your stock in front of interested buyers using email campaigns and lead generation.
  4. We set up a white labelled, hyper-local lead generation page so customers looking to sell their car will contact you directly.

Step 1: The Review

Before we can make a plan to increase sales, we need to establish a baseline. This will help us to measure the success of our efforts, and make sure that we are getting the most out of our marketing budget.

We grade our outcomes on a 9-point scale. From the customer's standpoint, we conduct a comprehensive examination of your sales process. We'll look at these results before and after we've introduced GL Digital into your dealership.

Step 2: Hyper-Local Advertising

One of the benefits of working with GL Digital is that we unlock the stock sitting on your forecourt.

When you partner with us, we set up a white label sales lead machine.

These leads are generated by paid social media advertising that specifically targets interested buyers in your local area.

This means that you don't have to rely on expensive online advertising platforms like Autotrader or eBay.

Step 3: Increase profits by buying vehicles direct from customers

Another benefit of working with GL Digital is that you can increase profits by buying vehicles direct from customers.

There is no need to pay a middleman like an auction house when you buy direct from customers.

This alone can add thousands of pounds to your bottom line.

Step 4: Become a local household name by creating great video content

As a local dealer, your biggest advantage when compared to supermarkets are your people and personality.

You meet your customers face-to-face, and build a relationship with them. This will allow you to get to know their needs and wants, and help them find the perfect car for them.

We kick off your customer relationship by helping you create great video content. This takes your biggest asset - your personality - and uses it to build rapport with customers before they even walk through your door.


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What is GL Digital?

GL Digital provide turnkey local advertising and lead generation for the automotive industry. We help local dealers advertise stock directly to interested buyers, and to buy vehicles directly from people looking to sell.

What automotive dealerships does GL Digital work with?

We work with local car, motorcycle, van, caravan and motorhome dealers.

How does it work?

We set up white label advertising on Facebook, Google, and TikTok. We also set up a branded lead generation funnel on your behalf so you can buy vehicles directly from consumers.

Will I need to change my website?

No, GL Digital will work in entirety with your existing website. No modifications are required.

How long will it take?

Lead generation is set up and begins to generate leads within 7 business days.

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