A Total Marketing Solution for Bike Dealerships

Second-hand bike dealers are facing unique challenges. Above all: good, clean stock is more and more difficult to purchase.

The sales environment has changed. Corporate bike supermarkets are hoovering up stock through polished lead generation sites, taking bikes off the market before local dealers can pick them up.

Bike dealers are being forced to adapt to an online-first environment, with customers who expect home delivery, and sales now governed by distance selling contracts.

Our Solution For Bike Dealers

We pioneered a direct-to-consumer advertising model in 2009, designed to help dealers take back control of their customer journey.

Our solution allows motorcycle dealerships to buy stock directly from local bikers, skipping third parties such as auctions.

We also give bike dealerships the ability to sell directly to consumers, reclaiming control of their sales experience from classified advertising sites like AutoTrader.

This is direct to consumer marketing for bike dealers, which focuses on identifying potential customers and building relationships with them through digital channels.

Buy Stock Directly from Local Bikers

To allow dealers to source quality stock, we first provide a steady stream of lead generation from pre-qualified customers looking to sell their bike, giving local dealers "first dibs" on stock before they hit the second-hand market.

Leads come from white-label lead generation websites. Dealers pay per lead and can spend as much or as little as they want to suit the needs of the business.

Hyper-local Targeted Ads

Did you know more than 50% of your sales will happen to customers located within 25 miles of the dealership?

By paying a classified ad site such as AutoTrader to advertise your stock nationally, you're spreading your budget too thinly.

Our hyper-local advertising makes sure interested buyers see your stock on channels such as Facebook and TikTok first.

These customers come through to you pre-qualified, attached to a specific bike, with indicators to say if they are interested in finance or not.

Social Media Content Strategy

Our bike sales content production strategy involves you producing video content yourself following our proven and consistent content plan.

We use that content in paid advertising post it on your socials.

We allow you to produce engaging and entertaining car sales videos that turn your salespeople into local celebrities.

We then use these videos in paid advertising, as well as post them on social media.

This builds your customer relationships before they even set foot in your showroom, and has a positive impact on all areas of the business.

The Process

We offer a competitive edge to local dealers in the age of the bike supermarket.

We conduct a full review of your automotive marketing and advertising strategies. We set up a white labelled, hyper-local lead generation page so customers looking to sell their bike will contact you directly. We put your stock in front of interested buyers using local social advertising, email campaigns and lead generation.

The benefits of direct-to-consumer advertising for bike dealers

Bike dealers see tremendous benefit from our local advertising strategy

  • More, higher quality leads
  • Reliable and consistent flow of quality, new stock
  • Diversifying away from platforms such as Autotrader
  • Increased finance acceptance rates
  • Pre-qualified leads that are easy to close
  • Increased social media following and recognition


What is GL Digital?

GL Digital provide turnkey local advertising and lead generation for the automotive industry. We help local dealers advertise stock directly to interested buyers, and to buy vehicles directly from people looking to sell.

What automotive dealerships does GL Digital work with?

We work with local car, bike, van, caravan and motorhome dealers.

How does it work?

We set up white label advertising on Facebook, Google, and TikTok. We also set up a branded lead generation funnel on your behalf so you can buy vehicles directly from consumers.

Will I need to change my website?

No, GL Digital will work in entirety with your existing website. No modifications are required.

How long will it take?

Lead generation is set up and begins to generate leads within 7 business days.


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