Total Car Dealership Marketing Solution

Our direct-to-consumer digital marketing solution is designed to help car dealerships buy stock from customers directly, and to sell more cars.

We use hyper-local social advertising to target potential customers in the immediate area, as well as lead generation from customers looking to sell their cars.

We also provide a video content strategy that turns car salespeople into local celebrities, helping them attract car shoppers outside of Autotrader and increase sales.

Car Dealerships Facing New Marketing Challenges in 2022

The auto industry is being impacted by the rise of online car supermarkets.

Large online players who follow a direct-to-consumer model, such as Cinch and Motorway, are putting pressure on local car dealerships. They buy up all the clean second-hand cars, and compete with local dealers on price.

These large companies, following a direct-to-consumer D2C online marketing strategy, can buy up all the stock, which means the small dealers can't compete on price. They also provide a good customer experience, with a wide range of cars to choose from, integrated finance, and doorstep delivery.

This means that auto dealers are feeling the pressure to up their game and offer a better customer experience themselves.

What is Direct-to-Consumer Digital Marketing for Car Sales?

Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) is one of the most powerful automotive marketing strategies, unlocking a steady stream of second-hand cars to stock your showroom, and keeping your salespeople busy with pre-qualified sales leads.

Simply put, following this car dealership marketing strategy, dealers can buy cars directly from car owners, skipping out car auctions and other middlemen.

Then at the other end of the business, cars are retailed directly on social platforms, taking back control from classified ad websites such as AutoTrader.

Implementing D2C gives local dealerships the tools to compete with car supermarkets on their own terms, by taking ownership of the entire buying cycle.

The benefits of direct-to-consumer advertising

A car dealership will see tremendous benefit from our local advertising strategy

  • More, higher quality leads

  • Diversifying away from platforms such as Autotrader

  • Increased finance acceptance rates

  • Reliable and consistent flow of quality, new stock

  • Pre-qualified leads that are easy to close

  • Increased social media following and recognition

The GL Digital Solution for Car Dealership Marketing

We've been working on a direct-to-consumer solution for car dealers since 2009, when this business model was still new. We understand the needs of a car dealership and have developed a solution that meets those needs.

Our car dealership marketing solution allows new or used car dealerships to own their whole customer experience, from purchasing a car to selling it. This skips the need for middlemen and third parties, including classified ad websites.

With our solution, car dealers can cut out the competition and provide a better customer experience themselves. They can also make more money per vehicle sold, as they're not buying stock through a third party.

How our marketing solution works for Car Dealerships

Our first step is to conduct a full audit of your online presence. For new business this is particularly important.

Dealers should make sure they organically rank for their branded keyword, we call this "owning your google homepage".

Your mobile-friendly car dealership website should appear as the number one result, so we do some groundwork to ensure you own Google search in your local area. This includes conversion rate optimisation for your dealership so you can be sure you're providing an experience that customers love.

This includes making sure you're properly represented on Google and other search engines, including making sure your Google maps listing is up to date.

We also check that your social media pages, including your Facebook page, include up-to-date contact details. This is a fantastic way to ensure your online reputation is properly represented to your customers.

This step is essential search engine optimisation, and it supports all of our marketing efforts.

Direct to Consumer Car Dealership Marketing

We partner with social media platforms such as Facebook ads, TikTok, and Reddit to provide data about your target audience.

You can reach a potential car buyer with the right message at the right time, helping them make the decision to choose your dealership at any stage in the car buying process.

These ads generate pre-qualified leads that go directly to your sales team, either as email or integrating with your existing CRM - allowing you to follow up as usual or book a test drive.

Whether they're interested in a new car, used car, or car finance, leads come through with a vehicle already attached, helping your salespeople close more deals.

Customers will appreciate a native, social-first experience, letting them interact with your dealership on their favourite social platform.

The benefits of hyper-local marketing

We find that over 50% of sales happen to customers located within 25 miles of the car dealership. Using this fact, we can devise a marketing strategy that makes the most of a marketing budget for local businesses.

A hyper-local marketing strategy reaches interested car buyers within a 25 mile radius of the dealership. This means that you're targeting potential car buyers in the immediate area, rather than spreading out nationally.

When you target ads on a national level, your ads will reach people who may not be interested in buying a car from you.

In contrast, when you target potential car buyers on a hyper-local level, your ads will reach people who are already interested in buying a car from you.

This means that you'll get more leads and sales from your advertising budget, as opposed to wasting money on ads that reach people who aren't interested in what you're selling.

Social channels also complement your offline advertising perfectly, exposing customers who may have seen your flyers or business cards to your brand on social media.

Lead Generation

Our lead generation solution lets you buy stock directly from car owners, skipping out auctions and middlemen.

We generate leads from people already wanting to sell their car, using Google ads.

This is the same online advertising business model that has turned companies such as We Buy Any Car into household names.

This means that car dealers can cut out auctions, and get "first dibs" on the stock by buying it before it goes on the market. They can also make more money per vehicle sold, as they're not buying stock through a third party.

Own your niche with an optimised Car Dealer Content Strategy

Our car sales content strategy involves you producing video content at the car dealership, following our proven and consistent content marketing plan.

We empower you to create compelling video content that increases your ranking in search engines, builds your brand identity, and furthers your customer relationships.

These videos also get a boost in your paid social advertising and on your pages, reaching interested car buyers and building your audience.

Engaging and entertaining car sales videos will turn your car salespeople into local celebrities.

This content also gets indexed, boosting your search engine optimization (SEO) and attracting more customers to your site.

Great content marketing builds customer relationships before they even set foot in your showroom, and has a positive impact on all areas of the business.

We also take advantage of a local influencer marketing strategy to raise the profile of your dealership.

Customers will be motivated to buy cars from you, leave positive reviews, and return as repeat customers in the future.

Email Marketing

A core part of our car dealership marketing solution includes email marketing.

Many car dealerships know the benefits of having a strong social media presence but underestimate how important email marketing is in the final purchase decision.

We empower dealers to build an email newsletter, adding a new dimension to their customer relationships.

Automated emails are set up to let the dealership reach out to website visitors, encouraging them to call or send an email reply.

Email marketing can also be used to reach out to previous customers, encouraging them to come back to the car dealership with offers, or for events.

A review request email flow, when properly set up, is a reputation management tool that doubles or triples online reviews for an auto dealership.

With just one bad review having such a negative impact, make sure you generate hundreds of good ones to drown it out.

All email lists are also fed back into each social media platform we use, improving the accuracy of targeted paid social ads.


What is GL Digital?

GL Digital provide turnkey local advertising and lead generation for the automotive industry. We help local dealers advertise stock directly to interested buyers, and to buy vehicles directly from people looking to sell.

What automotive dealerships does GL Digital work with?

We work with all car dealers.

How does it work?

We set up white label advertising on Facebook, Google, and TikTok. We also set up a branded lead generation funnel on your behalf so you can buy vehicles directly from consumers.

Will I need to change my website?

No, GL Digital will work in entirety with all dealership websites. We integrate with your existing setup and sales process. No modifications are required.

How long will it take?

Lead generation is set up and begins to generate leads within 7 business days.


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