Pre-Qualified Lead Generation Service for Car Dealers

How local dealers can fight back in the age of the car supermarket

Car dealerships are currently facing business challenges. The most pressing challenge is the difficulty in buying good-quality stock. This is because all the good leads are being taken by corporate car supermarkets, which have polished lead generation sites.

A simple search for "sell my car" in Google will throw up hundreds of websites, some of them household names.

The experience they provide is irresistible for customers, even if the price they offer is not always fair. The average man on the street is happy to pay for convenience.

Auctions now seeking to bypass dealers

Car auctions are now bypassing dealers by setting up their own direct-to-consumer websites, such as Cinch (owned by BCA). This allows them to cut out local dealerships and offer car buyers a streamlined experience.

While this may be good news for car buyers, it is bad news for car dealerships, which are finding it harder and harder to do business in the current climate.

Our solution for local dealers

Dealerships now have no choice but to set up their own direct-to-consumer offering.

Our direct-to-consumer white-label lead generation can help car dealers take back control of their customer journey.

Buy stock directly from local customers

Our platform allows car dealers to generate leads directly from their website, through our powerful lead capture forms.

Dealers can finally get "first dibs" on the prime stock that they have been denied for so long.

We also offer a wide range of marketing services, including SEO, PPC and social media marketing, which can help car dealers generate more leads and increase sales.

For car dealers looking to fight back against the car supermarket, our platform is the perfect solution.

Pre qualified leads on tap

Dealerships now have the ability to buy stock directly from local car owners using our powerful lead generation solution.

This also allows dealers to spend as much or as little as they want on leads. This is because car dealers can generate their own leads through our powerful lead capture forms.

This gives car dealers an advantage over corporate car supermarkets, which often pay less for leads than dealers are willing to pay.


What is GL Digital?

GL Digital provide turnkey local advertising and lead generation for the automotive industry. We help local dealers advertise stock directly to interested buyers, and to buy vehicles directly from people looking to sell.

What automotive dealerships does GL Digital work with?

We work with all car dealers.

How does it work?

We set up white label advertising on Facebook, Google, and TikTok. We also set up a branded lead generation funnel on your behalf so you can buy vehicles directly from consumers.

Will I need to change my website?

No, GL Digital will work in entirety with your existing website. No modifications are required.

How long will it take?

Lead generation is set up and begins to generate leads within 7 business days.

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