Top 10 Car Dealership Chatbots in 2023 for Facebook Messenger and How to Use Them

Published 27/01/2023 - Updated 02/08/2023

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This article explores 2023’s top Facebook messenger chatbots, what they are, and how car dealers can use them to enhance their Facebook strategy and customer services. By applying what you learn here to your own dealership, you will be able to choose a chatbot that will work for your dealership and learn how to put it to its best use.

Why Should Car Dealers Use Facebook Messenger Chatbots?

Today, any business without a strong Facebook presence is taking a risk. Car dealerships are not exempt from this, and so making sure that you have not only an optimised Facebook page, a great advertising strategy, and a great response rate are key.

For many dealerships, it’s that response rate that can become a sticking point. At a busy lot, how can you be sure that someone is always there to monitor customer messages coming through on Facebook messenger? One missed lead can mean the loss of a car sale, and Chatbots can help avoid this.

What is a chatbot? A chatbot is a piece of software that can be used to carry out online chat conversations with customers, rather than providing human support. When used correctly, Chatbots can be a helpful and important part of your online presence.

In this list, we’ll explore 10 of the top chatbots available to car dealerships in 2023 and how you can use these for your business’ Facebook messaging strategy.

Who is this article written for?

You’ll find this article on the best chatbots in 2023 for car dealership Facebook Messenger accounts to be useful if you are currently involved in a secondhand car dealership’s social media strategies.

If you’re looking for a way to offer better support to online customers whilst having the freedom to step away from the office and deal with customers in person on the forecourt, you’ll find the information in this article immensely helpful.

Before we continue, Who wrote the Article Top Chatbots in 2023 for Facebook Messenger and How to Use Them for Your Car Dealership?

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Having been involved in the automotive industry most of my life, I’m working to bring that experience, and my passion for all things digital, together in order to help dealerships perfect their online presence.

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What are 2023’s Top Facebook Messenger Chatbots for Car Dealerships?

Before we take a look at our top 10 chatbot list, it’s important to remember that you’ll need to ultimately decide which chatbot software fits your business needs and marketing budget. Some of the tools listed below are free, or have free versions, while others do incur a cost.


Claiming to be one of the best chatbots in terms of “intuitive, no-code chatbot” building, Landbot allows you to create and design your own AI chatbots suitable to your own business. The software comes with templates to make the approach simple for you and your customers, and is easily integrated with top messaging apps, including Facebook messenger.


This is an ideal option if you’re eager to get started with chatbots, but have little to no development skills in your arsenal. TARS comes with hundreds of templates suitable for a variety of industries, including automotive. The aim of TARS is to help you build bots that will generate leads and help to boost your marketing strategies.


This chatbot has multiple uses. On top of customer support, it can also book meetings and appointments, verify leads, and more. This is a great option if you want to take your Facebook messaging options even further, like by allowing customers to make appointments.

Many Chat

Here is another great option if you’re keen to get up and running with a chatbot but have no experience when it comes to coding. This user-friendly software makes setting up a chatbot on Facebook fast and simple. Even better, the bot will start working straight away once you’ve integrated your Facebook page to the software.


If your goal is to offer unparalleled customer service through your Facebook messenger contact, Tidio might be worth your consideration. As an all-around marketing and communication tool, it helps businesses go the extra mile when it comes to offering top level customer experiences. The bot can be added without minimal effort, and then is extremely customisable and allows you to modify the feel of customer experiences.


This software allows you to quickly build an AI chatbot that will interact with your customers and potential customers, answering their most common queries. The brand promotes the importance of doing what you’re passionate about, and automating the rest. As a result, the chatbot will keep a conversation going with customers for as long as possible, before passing them over to a human member of your team to solidify any deals.


If you’re looking for cross-channel integration with your chatbot, you might want to take a look at SendPulse. This software allows you to create your Facebook Messenger chatbot and then roll it together with other marketing attempts, like email marketing. This isn’t a must, however, and if you simply want to use it as a tool to strengthen your Facebook Messaging engagement and responses, that’s fine too.


For a straightforward chatbot that doesn’t have loads of extra features, but that excels when it comes to customer service and Facebook Messenger integration, REVE is a solid option.


Here is another good possibility for those who have no coding skills, but are keen to have chatbot software that can integrate with a number of platforms, including Facebook Messenger.

Resolution Bot

If you’re keen to build a more customised experience for your customers with lots of optional add-ons, Resolution is worth investigating for your business.

How Can Car Dealerships Use Chatbots?

There are endless options for how you can incorporate chatbots into your Facebook messenger strategy, but here are a few ideas to get you started.

  1. Automated responses: avoid losing warm leads by not having someone available to respond to Facebook messages all the time. A chatbot can provide basic information to customers and even book appointments so that a human can call them back later to discuss their query in more detail
  2. Advertising: Facebook ads can send customers directly to Facebook Messenger, where they can immediately start to engage with your brand, ask questions about a particular car, or book an appointment for a test drive.
  3. Follow-Up Messages: Chatbots can be used to follow up with customers who you’re waiting for a response from or require more information from. This is another great option if you’re trying to avoid unnecessary lead loss.

If you’d like to discuss chatbots or anything else concerning how to further your dealership’s digital presence, get in touch with GL Digital Automotive Marketing today and we’d be happy to have a conversation with you.

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