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Yellow Dash Line: GL Digital Facebook Ads Review

Yellow Dash Line: GL Digital Facebook Ads Review

Hi guys, it's Lewis from GL digital and I'm here today with another Facebook ads review video. It's Yellow Dash Line. The Facebook Page So…

3 minute read - 04/05/2021

Mocking UmbracoHelper and using it with Dependency Injection

The Umbraco APIs are full of examples where the developers have made tough design choices. The UmbracoHelper is the one, from my own…

2 minute read - 29/01/2017

Dynamic Umbraco Sitemap.xml Without Plugins

It's easily possible to create a proper sitemap.xml, with the right URL, in a vanilla Umbraco installation with these three easy steps…

2 minute read - 12/10/2016

How to create a robots.txt in Umbraco and edit it from the backoffice

It's very easy to create a robots.txt in Umbraco which you can edit from the backoffice. You can achieve this natively without installing…

2 minute read - 02/10/2016

Import any CSV File into Umbraco with the Umbraco LINQPad Driver

I've recently successfully imported data from a large CSV file into Umbraco using Shannon Deminick's useful Umbraco LINQPad driver . Here…

2 minute read - 23/07/2016

Comparing Objects in Chai Doesn't Work as Expected?

Here's the gotcha of all gotchas. If you compare two objects in Chai with .equal , you're not going to get what you expected. These two…

1 minute read - 30/05/2016